Ex-p Equipments


Existing pneumatic systems for purge and pressurization of enclosures have two majors problems. The pressure inside the enclosure is high, so one must use heavy enclosures and the system has leakage due to roost on air event. If you have a door of 2 m x 1m and a purge pressure of 17mbar this means 340 kg on the door ! You need to place a lot of bars to keep it in place.

The electronic controller used with a proportional valve enable us to work a very low purge and pressurisation pressure (2.5 / 7mbar) so on the same door as above, the pressure is only 140 kg which can be done with standard systems.

The price of the enclosure depends on the thickness of the sheet of metal used to manufacture it. The weight, the leaks all depend on the thickness ...

Some features of our enclosures and purge system :
  • Purge pressure 7.5 mbar instead of 25 mbar, this reduces the pressure on the wall of the enclosures and the costs.
  • Leaks compensation pressure is 2.5mbar instead of 15 mbar
  • PID valve system, reducing the air consumption. With conventional pneumatic system, air is flowing continuously.
  • Small system controller, solid state with no moving parts, easy to install and with reduced maintenance.  
  • Maintenance free. There is no mild steel event (which roost) possibility to add a remote control box, more than 1500 units manufactured per year ...
  • Enclosures made on your request, of stainless steel 304 or 316L, with painting or not, delivered with atex equipments wired and tested, with certificate.
  • For zones 1-21 or 2-22
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